A list of our wines

Red wines

Dry Concord
Sweet Concord
Dry Leon Millot
Dry Merachal’ Foch
Dry Noiret
Dry St Croix
Dry Red Select 2013

Methode' Champonese

Dry Cuvee Cougar
Dry Tomcat

Dessert wines
Wild One

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White wines

Dry La Crescent              Dry St Pepin                    Dry Riesling                     Semi Sweet Brianna      Semi Sweet Leggy Lisa
Semi Sweet La Crescent
Sweet St. Pepin

Fruit wines

Dry Apple
Sweet Cranberry

Operating year round, Barrel Head Winery is proud to present several award winning wines to the public.  Dry reds are our specialty.  Also available is our Sparkling Wines, made by the Methode' Champonese process.  These are fermented in their own bottle a second time creating those tiny bubbles.

Wines are subject to availability.

Is it Red Wine, or White Wine

As the cave family starts preparing their evening meal, the cave daughter says to her mother, " I can never remember what wine goes with what ".

The cave mother laughs a bit, and answers the question, " It is so easy, my daughter.  Just remember, if it chases you, serve red wine.  If you chase it, serve white wine ".