You can visit us throughout the year and taste the wines grown in our vineyard.

We are open Friday - Sunday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM ( or when the last person leaves ).

We are open by appointment at other times.

Please call us at 563 556 7073

Our History

Barrel Head Winery operates with community and a sense of responsibility in mind. We believe that acting locally is the key to building a sustainable society, especially when it comes to any Iowa industry.

Barrel Head Winery came about due to a wedding. We went to the local wineries in Germany to pick out the wine for the upcoming event. After trying several different wines, the question arose, “ Why do I like that wine, But not that one. They are both the same grapes “. We were instantly told the answer. “ The answer to question is very easy. The winery you like is a small winery. The grapes are harvested by hand, so the wine maker can pick out the bad things he does not want. The other winery is bigger, so they use a machine to harvest the grapes. Everything falls into the tanks, since the machine shakes the plant.”
Also on the trip, several wine makers said the same thing, “ You can not make a good wine unless you start with perfect fruit. “

The winery was licensed in 2008. Land next to the winery was purchased, and the first grapes were planted in the spring of 2009. There are approximately 1100 plants in the vineyard. Care is taken to give the vineyard a park appearance. Walks in the vineyard is very pleasant.